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Consultative Selling Approach

No matter what you sell, a consultative selling approach is essential if you want to land the business.

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For me, it's all about unearthing the needs, the wants and desires of your prospects and then positioning your product or solution in a way that makes it the only choice.

So here are my top 5 key tips to make sure that your selling interactions are more effective:


Have The Mindset Of A Doctor

I want you to take your salesperson's hat off for a moment and instead put your doctors hat on.

Like with any doctors consultation they will ask you lots of questions before writing out a prescription – you need to use the same approach.

What is the current situation? What's happening?

What is likely to happen if you take no action?

What is your desired outcome?

You need to ask questions…A LOT of questions.


Find Out The Key Drivers For Change

In order of importance your buyers will take action more on:

  1. PAIN
  2. FEAR

So while performing your doctor's diagnosis bear this in mind.

You'll want to uncover the pain, the fears and the pleasures from your buyers.

Only then will they be "motivated" to take action.

Fear of loss or pain is a great motivator.

Yes, the majority of your prospects and clients will take more action out of fear that they are "missing out" on or will lose something rather than the upside or benefits of what your product/service will do for them.


Focus On Them And Not On Winning The Deal

If the need for the commission and sale is greater than your desire to help the buyer then this will show.

Come from the mindset that you are there to help them as a trusted consultant and advisor and to get what's best for them rather than doing everything you can to "win" the deal.

Your prospect will want a good listening to rather than a good talking to.

Be helpful. Be fully present and listen.

Don't just take it in turns to talk!


Don't Be Afraid To Push Back

Sometimes, your buyers may not be open to what you are asking.

They might be difficult to get on with and might be withholding information.

If they are like this then beware.

My experience tells me that they might have already made up their mind on who they are going with and are just using you for either:

  1. Further education and ideas

  2. A comparison

  3. Company policy states they need to get quotes from 3 different vendors

Don't be afraid to push back and walk away if it's not right.


Appreciate Different Buyer Types

Don't treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself.

Yes, that's right!

Don't treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself!

Instead, treat them as they would like to be treated!

Some of your buyers will be very analytical and detailed, others will not have a moment to spare.

How will you sell to these different personality types?

It's not a one size fits all approach.

Some buyers will need facts and figures – the detail.

Other buyers will need a high level overview and the bottom line in a "no fluff" way.


Consultative selling done in the right way is a very powerful approach.

Keep the methodology simple and you won't go far wrong.

If you remember nothing about it at all and your mind goes blank then just approach your sales interactions like a doctor would in meeting with a patient.

And remember…….

Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice!

Article by :, Sean McPheat

Sales Authority, Bestselling Author & International Speaker

Managing Director - MTD Sales Training 

"Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get !"


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