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Gravity Defying sports actions

If it's anyone that can make you believe just for a second that the laws of gravity are temporarily ineffective, it's professional athletes.
Their athleticism, creativity and body control while flying through the air are characteristics to admire separately, but the end result of a great, air bending play is what really makes our jaws drop.
Here are the 20 moments that could have been featured in M. Night Shyamalan's new movie.
At the 1999 Summer X Games, Tony Hawk soared into skateboarding history and into the pop culture mainstream with his trademark 900.
The first 900 ever done in competition, Hawk completed two and a half revolutions before riding out his trick cleanly and capturing the "best-trick" gold medal.
Hawk's feat thrust skateboarding into the spotlight and marked the advent of the extreme sports movement right at the turn of the centur


19. Sam Bradford Goes Head Over Heels

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Torn ligaments in Sam Bradford's hand didn't stop him from catching some air against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the 2008 Bedlam game.
With the game on the line in the third quarter, Bradford scrambled to his right and got to the corner of the endzone before being flipped end-over-end and out of bounds.
Bradford scored on the next play and the Sooners got the win, 61-41


18. Chazz Woodson Says Hello

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If you thought lacrosse was for rich, wimpy white kids, meet Chazz Woodson.
The 27-year-old out of Brown brings an electric brand of lacrosse that makes the heads of even the most ignorant sports fans' turn and watch.
This goal occurred in 2008 during a game against the Chicago Machine during Chazz's days with the L.A. Riptide. The goal I'm referring to appears right away but don't be afraid to watch the rest of the video, this dude's sick.


17. Ross Powers' Huge Air

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Snowboarder Ross Powers made the 2002 Olympic crowd at Salt Lake City forget how cold it was for a couple of seconds during his gold medal run.
Powers opened up his run with a huge method grab that carried him 18 feet above the half pipe wall, a world record at the time.
The U.S. swept the half pipe competition. It was the first U.S. sweep of a winter Olympic event since 1956


16. Kirby Puckett's 1991 World Series Catch

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Kirby Puckett's leaping catch against the plexiglass in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series robbed Ron Gant of an extra base hit, but also cemented Puckett's place in baseball history.
Puckett looks like he put springs into his cleats before he leaped to make this catch.
The Twins ended up winning the series in seven games


15. Sacre Bleu! Vince Carter Throws Down

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Carter made an international splash when he took flight over 7'2" center Frederic Weis against Team France in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Carter picked off an outlet pass, lept up and spread his legs to clear the big Frenchman.
The French media dubbed it "Le Dunk De la Mort", which means "The Dunk of Death." The nickname later was cemented in history as the U.S. went on to win the gold that year.


14. Mikey Powell Flips Against UMass

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Mikey Powell showed why he's one of the best lacrosse players of all time when he gave the crowd a little something extra to cheer about his senior year against UMass in the Carrier Dome in 2004.
Powell was gearing up for an offensive possession when he sprung forward into a front flip before progressing with the play.
Even the seemingly infinite reach of YouTube couldn't produce a video of this one. Making anyone but a die-hard Syracuse Lacrosse fan clueless to what this feat actually looked like.
Take it from me though, it was pretty sick


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