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The failures of Nehru

Today, on 125th birth Anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, we present to you some of the lesser known facts - confirmed or otherwise. Was he the greatest  diplomat India had, the man who laid the foundation of what we call today the idea of a secular socialist India.. or was he an utter and complete failure that took our nation to shambles ? You be the judge.


1) Nehru was so much so ambitious for the Nobel peace prize that he prevented the nation from building up a large vicious army that India could have. Instead he chose to go for treaties with China without any parity or muscle to keep China from breaking those treaties.


2) He always favored a non-concluded report regarding Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He feared that if Netaji is alive then he may have to abdicate his PM post in Netaji's favour. He had written a letter to Atlee informing him of Netaji's whereabouts, calling him a 'war criminal'.  He never got to conclude the commission's report on Netaji.


Subhash Chandra Bose & Shyama Prasad Mukherjee were competitors for the post of PM of India and both of them died mysterious deaths.


3) Partition happened because of indecisiveness of the leadership India had at that time. Nehru being a top leader, is largely attributed with the partition.

Some say the love triangle between Lord Mountbatten, His wife Edwina and Nehru was also to blame for this. When parted, they wrote to each other constantly - and Edwina made no attempt to keep the letters secret from her husband. America wanted Pakistan so as to have a base in the South East Asia.


4)He came out as a complete goof up on the Kashmir issue and despite Sardar Patel's efforts the damage was done. Thanks to Nehru who took the issue to UN for no reason, the J&K issue stays unresolved till date.

Nehru is also largely responsible for the plight of Tibetans as he blindly obeyed Chinese during his 'Hindi-Chini bhai bhai' days.


5) It was Nehru who got article 370 for state of Jammu & Kashmir - an article which gives a special status to J&K and keeps it from integrating with rest of the nation. Ambedekar was opposed to this article but Nehru persisted.


6) After colonial rule when the government was deciding upon General of Indian Army , he suggested that a british officer be appointed for the job as Indians do not have xperience for it. A statement for which he was reprimanded by Lt General Nathu Singh Rathore who said "Why not get PM from britain as well, as we've no experience of governance either"


7) Before 1962 China war,reports were suggesting of a possible Chinese Army advancement at least 6months to a year in advance as some believe, but Nehru didn't find it necessary to consult army top brass for their minimum requirement & procurement of arms and ammunition which may have kept the state war ready. This in fact might have discouraged China from its misadventurism altogether.


After the war when he was in the parliament, he tried to belittle the loss of Askai Chin by saying "not even grass grows there". Upon this statement, a fellow parliamentarian Mahaveer Tyagi got up and said "Even your head doesn't have any hair growing upon it, should I give it to the enemy ?"


8) On Economic front he followed a failed socialist communist model of Russia. What the economists called a 'Hindu Model of growth'. WHy ? because they were in charge and they can call anything by any name, that's why!


9) He took utmost care never to lose his secular credentials. Ambedkar proposed total transfer of Muslims to Pakistan in 1947 but Nehru refused to act giving birth to 'Secularism'.

Even after the end of colonial rule, every time he took a decision which can apply to minorities, he would plead to minority leaders for it.It was in trying to appease them that he started the appeasement policies which Congress and mostly all poltical parties follow till date.


10) One of the biggest example of his pseudo-secularism and appeasement policy would be the Uniform Civil code. He deliberately introduced it just for Hindus and never for minorities.


11) Nehru awarded BharatRatna to himself in 1955 soon after it was introduced.


12) What seemed like an entire nation excited to celebrate his birthday, was actually a a pomp and show in his honour done at  taxpayer's expense.




Some beleive that he was responsible for the death of Chandrashekhar Azad, as Azad went to see Nehru in his residence the day he died. Soon after he left Nehru's house, he was ambushed by the police in Alfred Park (Allahabad)

Some also believe that as early as in 56 or 58 he was offered N- Technology & all other help thereto, by US, but he choose to be known as Samajwadi than Capitalist friendly. Had he accepted then, India could have tested it's first N-test as early as 1962/1963/1964.

He also rejected US president Eisenhower's military aid (without strings offer) in 1953. Had to appeal to Kennedy for arms during 1962 war.

It is believed that India was offered a permanent Seat in UN,may be in 1955 but he declined, no one knows why

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