Thursday, January 08, 2015

Freedom of speech

Radical Islam is against freedom of speech. U cannot speak against anything they interpret as Islamic. The punishment will be shutting the speech of that persons. Plus thousands of others who are collateral damage.
The bastards have abused women, killed children, sodomised girls, ridiculed laws of the land by still holding on to antique laws .... I am sure even Allah would disown them. What the hell do they shout allahu Akbar ??? What did they achieve? They are making life more difficult for the other Muslims around.
We have terrific friends and aquaintainecs and I can vouch for them with eyes closed. But the next time a human meets an unknown Muslim dont u think these thoughts will enter the head? They are doing disservice... These hard working Muslims in other areas of the world will bear the brunt of it. They will be shunned, ignored and definitely will be avoided. Radicalism is there in every religion. The jihad or terror is unbecoming.

Raghudon says its time to either for them to stop it or the world should unite with extreme force and wipe out these elements. Start with the training grounds and indoctrinie centers - Pakistan, agfanistan, Iraq, Syria.
Get support of the local good guys and explain and I am sure its just gonna happen soon. India has borne brunt. Israel has borne brunt. Now Australia and France have got the flavour... Ita a matter of time before US or UK will have an event and then all hell will break loose.
Ps. Please read correctly that I am NOT anti Islam. Raghudon is only sad that a normal life is not allowed by the radicals... No religion is above humanity.

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