Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Gun control in the USA.

The point is u want a pistol and rifle... Ok
I want automatic weapons.. Why!!! What is ur right thay gets sullied by not having weapons. I think in the private space they may have more guns than the Indian army. All it needs is a deranged guy.
Isis will take responsibility even if trump has an upset tummy and farts 4 times in the day.
And we have not seen the end of this.

Raghudon predicts that sadly more of these deranged attacks will happen. And not all will be Islamic terrorists (btw a white guy will be never called a terrorist)
Being a psychiatrist at this time will make a person Rich.

BTW in India to cause these many death even a gun is not needed. And just a day later it's travel as usual and people have forgotten. Is it reseliance or short term memory loss???

Uncle Sam please pull the plug on guns. Else we will have John Rambo with their own causes in every major city.


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