Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Disgusting Gateway act...

Just saw on TV the shameful act of a mob molesting a couple at the gateway of india. This is by far the first incident i have heard of such a big lot ofpeople molesting a girl. Otherwise in bombay its always been a couple of people doing it and the mob wtching like sheep/ voyers.

A young woman was groped by some 60 perverts in plain public view, while her male friend, who tried to protect her, was pushed aside violently.
The girl was screaming for help but her voice was drowned in the commotion. Her companion tried to shield her but found himself helpless.

The presence of 50-odd policemen at the site did not deter them. Even as she cried pitifully, they pulled at her dress, leaving it torn from below the waist.

In the middle of this pushing and shoving, the girl fell down. The wild men, taking advantage of her, pounced on her with even more venom. After an agonising 10 minutes, the two managed to extricate themselves from the crowd and leave the venue.

Its sad to note the disgusting mentalty pf the people ... I am shocked.

Why is it that we dont respect the women here as much as the west? this public anoymous molesting does it give the does any pleasure? it definitely will have left a scar on the poor girl who will remember it for the rest of her life and will NEVER go to a crowded area again...

the media is now projecting the pictures of the people who were in the mob. They should be paraded out and have all women stand in a circle around them and throw thorney rocks at them... thatll curb their horney instincts


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