Thursday, January 11, 2007

Noida Killings

a meaningful debate after a long time!

Crimes can be forgiven but never go unpunished. Especially the heinious crimes that we are talking about. I dont understand what could be the reasoning behind the rapes and murders of children and unprotectable women. Surendra is not a “human”

There can be no pardon for the monstor he is. He can only be sent to the gallows. He should be mde a spectacle and he should be made to talk LIVE in pubic as to what he has to say. It would be interesting to see the way a monster reacts to the punishments

The government is eager to please the vote bank. So instead of looking at matter correctly, they went head over heels to announce 2 lakhs and 5 lakhs to the family members. Is that the best the government could do?

I think we live more and more with the insulated environments and the “chalta hain” atitudes. Its sad to see the humiliating stories in the media - something that jarrs the very essence of our beings. I dont even want to put myself in the hoes of the victims kin to see how i would have reacted.

We are still living in the jungle law - the strongest survive... but its high time we break away the shackles of mediocrity and learn to value the human spirit - the spirit that is embodied by the mythical heroes of mythology and the protagonists of the classical Randian novels (fountainhead and atlas shrugged)

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