Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chinese goods

China will be a dominant force in the world of today and tomorrow. There is something there also which s lacking in India - national pride and almost a strong government. They do not spend tme in referandums or on 20 year old cases... justice is quick and steady

In china u can manufacture an item for any price. Whn u give the PO, you DO NOT ask them for a quote. You tell them this is what u want and at this price... they will match it.

The chinese govt develops infrastructure at a racy rate. I had been to shanghai and it wil put ANY western city to shame. They give entrepruners large tracts of land, 2% interest loans, fredom for labour laws....

and corruption is also a BIG problem but it only affects at the highest level. They do not have to bribe the cops nor the tax people for small amounts... its only the big shots.

"Chinese" qulity is a wrong term. Recently someone there manufactured a ROlls Royce Phantom clone and NOT EVEN the company people could distinguish between the original and duplicate!

We only talk while they act... but its scary to think what would happen like 10 years later!


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