Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feels like Heaven

21st November 2006

For a change I am plagarising someone elses work. This is posted by my friend saleha at http://www.immaculatemissconception.blogspot.com/ lot of things also struck a chord with me hence i reproduce it down here with my own comments in blue

Why does it feel like heaven when-

  • You sip on homemade chicken corn soup with lotsa pepper on it? If I wrote a book, i would call it Chicken Corn Soup for the Weary Soul being a veggie cannot vouch for it
  • Ma strokes your hair, even if when someone else touches our manes, we leap to attack? I even went through a phase, when I learnt how maranoid my mom was that my waist length hair would get lice in India, I would purposelt scratch my head and tell her I felt itchy, and she would spend hours, poor soul, looking for the lice that didn'e exist. I think she realised the trick, cuz soon after that, I was handed a Hot Pink Lice comb and told to do my own lice-hunting. :(
  • You snuggle up to someone of the opposite sex in a completely platonic way, simply because you feel so comfortable with them? I have done this..several times, and it feels like heaven, though there arent too many men who I deem comfortable enough to snuggle with. yep perfectly true... ...
  • You add curry leaves (Karvapplai, kari patta,Murraya koenigii) to hot oil tempering. I get extremely aroused by the whole process of cooking. I am saying this now, so you dont think it unusual the number of times i will make gastronomical references. the smell is nice... as also adding hing/ asefotida
  • You look at your inbox and there is a mail from a good friend, out of the blue? It is sad the equally heart-breaking, gut-wrenchingly painful feeling of opening your inbox, and not hearing from the person you sent a long, honest mail to. . In our age this is absolutely true. I always think email is the best form of communication after a personal meeting. Phone can get warm on the ears!
  • To drink hot lemon tea on a december night, on your balcony? 'specially in cities like Delhi,Pune,Bangalore,Mumbai..... Raghu: yummy!
  • To snuggle...with a book, on a rainy morning, and drift in and out of slumber?Raghu: sadly this was done in my childhood... cant do this too much now! but has happened at night more often to me after a hard days work and all i want is to sleep but also cannot put down the book as i have spent so much time reading!
  • To hug someone you love dearly? For no reason, just because you are glad they are there? Raghu: Munnabhai's lessons of "Jhaadu ki jhappi" are the most amazing ever... It works with everyone... even when i hug my dog i feel so nice.... maybe the theory is the proximity to another heart which is creating the electrical impulses to resonate!
  • To see the smile of wonder and appreciation on someone's face when you cook for them the first time, each time? Raghu: yeah even this... being a good cook had seen lots of it before... however these days there is no time or enthu to spare this heavenly thought!
  • To eat something as simple as daal chaawal, simply because Ma made it, and you havent seen her for 1 whole year? Raghu: hmm dal chaawal is the greatest thing everywhere. I remember this one trip to china and i was so
  • To see the smile on your proud father's face when he tells his friends what you do for a living? Raghu: perfect.... i live that a lot too :-) and makes me feel awsome ....
  • To see the joy on someone's face when you give them something, even if it cost you an arm and a leg? Raghu: thats the mastercard ad? hmmmm
  • To get a manicure? or a pedicure? or a facial? or an oil massage? Hell, I feel good even after i have just been waxed!! Raghu: oil massages are the most awsome stress relief busters... if there is a massuerette who is skilled enough... the pain ans stress goes off like candle in front of fire!
  • To look at a lush green patch from your window, on a rainy afternoon, and imagine nice romantic/sad romantic songs being picturised? Ok, I dunno if anyone else feels good doing this, but I do.. Raghu: I dont :-)
  • To drive leisurely on a highway with rain pouring gently, with no civilisation around you, the beat of your favourite song blending in? Raghu: driving on the long streches with music and alone or with company is always a pleasant experience.... however, these days "no civilization" is no place!
  • To be flirted with that cute guy/girl you have been stealing glances at all evening? Raghu: yep yep yep
  • To try on that pair of jeans that fits like a dream? Raghu: hahah its a dream!
  • To find out that this guy/girl you have a secret crush on, likes the same lesser known songs as you? Raghu: yeah happens often i guess! so its taken as a sign?
  • To be kissed by someone for the first time? I swear, its a beautiful feeling, each time. Sigh!! Raghu: the first time everytime... and sigh! :-)
  • You have a hot bath on a cold morning? Raghu: yeah!
  • You get a good haircut? Raghu: not really... for a guy if its anything other than a good haircut... the barbers gonna get it!
  • You get your first pay check? Raghu: this is heady stuff! and to get a gift for the people u love with it and the look of pride on their face... priceless!
  • You stand up for someone or something you believe in? Raghu: in hindsight... a feeling of satisaction
  • You dance with someone for a song that belongs to the two of you? Raghu: yes !
  • When you hold a baby, watch it gurgle with glee, take its first tentative, awkward steps, say your name for the first time? basically all the baby firsts.. Raghu: yep
  • Someone tells you that you did the job well? Raghu: all the time!
  • you experience something for the first time? Like snow, a roller coaster ride,bungee jumping, a new city, a monument.. Raghu: any first!

I wonder, there are so many things that make us happy, yet we find reasons to be sad..

Thanks for writing this saleha... sorry for the plagarism! A lot of these touched a chord with me too... hence to came off .... btw she writes awsomely well!

Signing off
Your lovable don


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