Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tryst with the gardner

8th November 2006


Walking down memory lane


We used to go ransack the buildings tap after a strenuous game of cricket or footbal which was actually used y the gardner to water plants. They usd to also lock the tap but we brooke it down


mali finally used to keep a danda o beat and chase us away... we then went to the secretay of the building and got his written approval ... we carried the leter proudly to show the mali

next day when we were drinking water and he came chasing us... i showed him the letter... he looked at it from 4 diff angles and i was beaming like a superstud....


then the inevitable .. he said "areee mereko c**utiya banata hain... mujhe to padne hi nahin aata hain"

i got one big whack on my but and had to practice my best imitation of carl lewis in the 100m dash!




i was in the 6th standard then....


These memories can be sen at

And are also arcieved on Orkut along with many others…..

ONE of the bestest communities that u will EVER have!




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