Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catching BEST Bus


I remember running and catching a BEST bus ... (well in the days of being in physical prim shape)

there was this one time I was getting really really late for college and i ran behind the bus like mad. almost 300 m i think. there was a cadbury perk in my pocket which also fell off in the bargain.. still i ran.... finally I caucht the bus... just a jump in slow motion (somewhat like my namesake DON in the movie) and then caught the handlebar and my foot magically finds the footboard... and voila I AM IN................ it was extacy

What followed was anticlimax. I heard a distinct tring... of the bell being rung... the conductor comes in a huff and says he wil not allow people who climb the bus dangerously to climb in ..i gave him some of my choiciest 4 letter words and did not relent and climb down. In fact also saw a seat and sat down with a 10 upee note in my hand for the ticket. He was really bugged by this behavior (sounds like ghandhigiri)

Finally after 10 minutes of being parked in the side of the road with the beeping horns et al... a cop comes in.. i jump in and give him my side of the story first and he called the conductor a "ghadva" aka donkey and told the driver to move on.... it was a small victory for my athletic abilities to not go in waste... more valuale than a price. Anyways bottomline was I was late for the lecture also! Haha…


Anonymous,  7:14 AM  

I am not sure what you find amusing about the story. did you actually perceive it as some sort of "victory" and this is some attempt at celebrating it?

I can make the following observations :

1) You basically failed to plan. I personally live on the edge myself, but usually keep enough margin for trains/buses getting delayed or being missed.

2) I find the typical Indian attitude like yours annoying. Sorry but you are one of those guys jumping to the front of the queue, without any consideration for others who are willing to follow rules. The guys who go and give bribes to babus. The ones who jump the redlight(oh I was late so it is ok to break rules and endanger the lives of others!).And then people wonder what is wrong with us Indians! This while knowing that you can board trains/buses faster and more easily if you were doing it in an orderly fashion. What exactly is wrong with first come-first served?

3) Exactly in what manner do you think the conductor was in the wrong? You could have tripped and got run down by a car or bike coming behind. And people usually mob up and beat up the driver for no fault of his. He gets arrested and harrassed because you were a jerk! Nice going! Worse... I have personally seen idiots like you hanging from the bus doorhandle slip and get run down by the bus. The last person was lying on the road with his head split open and his entire brain spilled out about 5 feets away. I puked. I imagine he was late for a lecture too. The people ofcourse beat up the conductor who was sent to hospital in a serious condition. The bus got torched.

4) I get the feeling that you expected the bus to stop so that you could board it properly. What if you *had* caught the bus in a proper manner, and were getting late ...and the conductor stopped the bus for every damned idiot who was running after the bus? You would be a hypocrite and sing the opposite tune then. i.e. how these people were idiots and conductor should not have stopped for them because *you* were getting late.

5) There were other people in the bus. Who had to go someplace too. Your selfish antics delayed them and harrassed them for no fault of theirs. The conductor was right. Why should he risk getting beaten up for your idiocy? But you by acting like a stubborn jerk ("stick up your ass" to quote your parable), delayed a couple of dozen other people. But ofcourse *your* time is more important than others!

6) the policeman wasn't on your side. He just recognized the fact that the average Indian is an uncivilized babboon, who doesnt knows the meaning of following social rules and laws, and there are way too many guys like you to overcome. He called the conductor a gaadha for thinking he can achieve anything by trying to impart a lesson to a fool.

You did not win anything.

I dont for a minute believe that you are the kind of person to take criticism in a good spirit. So ofcourse my comment will never appear in your blog. that is ok. I dont expect that. It is meant for you to read. And think about.

Have a nice day.

Raghunandan Jagdish 8:02 AM  

Anonymous said: I dont for a minute believe that you are the kind of person to take criticism in a good spirit. So ofcourse my comment will never appear in your blog. that is ok. I dont expect that. It is meant for you to read. And think about.

To reply to that... i approved the comment before even reading this line....

Secondly, this was a story of about 8 yeahs ago.... just wrote it from memory. I am mazed at to how personal and finger pointingly I hve been given names and generalised from this small incident. Thank you so much though for reading my blog. Your name would have been nice if left behind.

1) Yeah I failed to plan... I as a college kid. These days its more organized. Am also managing about 150 ppl in my team!

2) "typical Indian attitude" is a derogatory term. Its called a mob mentality. FYI I typically do not do any of these activities. I dont thnk you would be interested in knowing about it as you have made up your mind!

3) The conductor was not wrong. I just showcased my stupidity for the moment and still have the good humour to laugh at it (at myself too)

4) Definitely did not expect the bus to stop

5) The other people def must have been inconvinenced.

6) the uncivilized babboons ar too many to overpower but this is not the way to teach them a lesson. This also shows that the satyagraha is used in the wrong manner also many times it works

Thanks for taking the time and writing. I appreciate a reader to the blog ... makes it worthwhile to put something down for posterity

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