Saturday, December 09, 2006

Photos of the don...


I have not maintained a photo album in a long time. I only send out photos to ppl i know when the events take place.
However, i was recently pestered for a anthology of photos since i was a kid. A lot of my snaps are still not digital, so it may take some time change this status... heowever, here are some snaps from recently to a long time back... in reverse order of clickment....

if you think this is a vain exercise, I wish to again remind you that you are NOT
on the homepage of any Mr Universe ... this is a plain simple ME - Raghu - Raghudon - Rags call moi by any name!
1) At the risk of providing free humor and laughter to my readers.... heres my latest snap... my driver talked me into this pose cuz he thought i looked like a corporate don! kinda living to my name of "Raghudon" am i not mean looking? Please note that this is not really posed dress up... one day i was in the factory with my sleeves dirty, so i rolled up my shirt... also had a bout of sore eyes, so wore the gogs.... he pestered me to sit up on my table so he could shoot me... the result for all to see. :-) wil leave the comments to you to give!


My niece pradnya and me when she was wee bit... shes so sweet!

Some snap clicked in china when i had gone for some convention.

The small don when he was i think 2 years old... I had the beginning of a paunch from way back then i think :-) though my folks never let me retain this rockstar look later on in life... the closest i came was when in college and i refused to cut my hair for 3 moths citing the exam "oath" whch in fact was a pretext to grow them... but the bloody things take uo too much maintenance time... so had to let them go.

will put up some more when i can..... and if wanted :-)

comments welcome as usual...................


Raindrops 5:23 PM  

Need more snaps... need more snaps.... need more snaps.... can go on for pages..... so just put some more snaps..... different backgrounds different poses :p

Raghunandan Jagdish 6:39 PM  

sure thing! all in due time....

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