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Mumbai Blasts 11th July 2006

11th July 2006



A very solemn and painful moment to be following the news on TV as a bystander…..

Mumbai is attacked again and we have not yet been able to retaliate our anger at something so it is bound to be on the government for its apathy, stupidity and short sightedness


The injured have not even reached hospital when some minister has already proclaimed a 1,00,000/- package for the kin of the dead…. I can bet anyways that it will not even reach its intended destination


I have a feeling that the act on Sunday with the shiv sena thing (bandh) was a diversion tactic by the terrorists where they planned and executed the plan or should we say “master plan”??? We do not even know whom to blame, how they did and what do they derieve out of this….. if someone sees the resilience of Mumbai city they will be amazed at the temerity and strength of the citizens. Mumbai is what it is because of the people here……….


I pray that communal colours will not emerge in this endevour. We all know how the politicians will use such situations to their benefit


Just to let u know that phone lines are all jammed and u may not get through. So please do not panic and let out a prayer for those who are stranded or have been hit by this event which is another blot on our citys history….. it is the 7/11 of Mumbai…………. We have to emerge like the phoenix from the ashes … stronger… faster…. Higher


I close this soliloquy with the THOUGHT OF THE DAY:

“Why do terrorists do what they do? And what can we do to retaliate? What can we do to insure ourselves and the city?





Reply posed by Manish Srivastava:


I appreciate sentiments mentioned in your mail ,  Raghu.

The 'educated' people keep themselves away form involvements in general public.I really wonder what our defined 'intelligence' is all about.Does it teach us to behave this way.None of us even perhaps know where to begin from even if we decide to reform.

But what satisfies me is only the fact that the internal voice is still alive in some of us.We shall discuss that , till we don't succumb.

We are thinkers.


We have learnt to always consider failures first even before attempting.....If rains hit us ...we say its gods act...(we can make remote operated deadly ICBMs but can not make a drop of water) The rain never is a problem ,its natures free gift to mankind.....rainwater not finding its way is a problem....And when nature is perfect ...we get on roads to show our might by burning busses.Whom are we showing ourselves....The no of people on roads to help on 7/11 were lesser than what were on Sunday on streets having fun.

I am sure somebody else's alive 'mother' was suffering greatly someway on Sunday  because of such acts of some people.We defined it as motherhood.


I wonder do these people  actually care fraction of it for their real mothers....I don't know who these 'man'  ( ! ) were........who search strength only as a mob.

Individually we 'sell' themselves for money.....Bhagat Singh and Mangal Pandey like people were individuals and did not depend upon 'crowd's support .

We believe in ..Hum hai naa !!  


I get irritated the way media acts these days,why blame only politicians....even they are cashing always on such increase their TRPs.How can Rakhi Sawant,floods,Rains,Statues,9/11 , 7/11 , Amitabh and football be treated with same enthusiasm of 'Breaking news'.

Can some one tell me journalists definition of 'Breaking news'.The news is less but the sensation is more.... Any 3 second clipping is reportedly shown very finely edited ...I am impressed with technology implementation, fantastic technicians skill and headless talkers.


and what is this' mumbaikars strength' we have any choice !.... The life is so difficult and the money is so important here that no one can even dare to stop.......Yes they too are afraid and love their life but can not 'afford' to stop moving (earning)...


People are forced to walk down kms of distance on tracks and roads to reach 10x10 home and common toilets.....they are not doing so because of only courage....They have no choice either.We have chosen to be Mumbaikar ...its the cost we pay to this ' Financial Capital'.

How many of us actually this what we want in life.....


Yes I do appreciate people who come forward to help fellow citizens whatever way they can.....water,food or a helping hand.Perhaps people have understood and do not want to wait for 'never coming' help from governments........Either citizens come forwards or call up military for help to fight any casualty.........these people do not get any extra money or compensation bribe from anyone.....They are from poor families ,so join army as jawans , to send money back home.

But the powerful officers sell national secrets.

And all other govt officials ...we pamper and bribe them to ensure our work (making money procedure) is not hampered.We call it 'part of system' !

We want to marry our daughters and sisters to such high ranking 'govt officers'  and sons to be burocrats .... we always ask for their post and never ask what is official salary.....Why...


I get frustrated on 'my' own weaknesses........So the question is what do we do to make world a better place to live......for our generations to come.

At least, lets come above all this .........lets do what we think is right matter what you get in return or what others are doing........

Lets try to do at least 'one' good thing in a day....however small it may be.

That's  only contribution to our society at personal level ..... 365 acts  x  rest of our life.


But I am hurt.



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