Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thoughts for the day

* Gossip: Never believe in Gossip. Gossip can be a vicious thing; it might have a bit of truth in it, but it can destroy relationships, even if you do not believe in it. Get to know a person for yourself.

* People make mistakes in life and they have a right to learn from their mistakes and never make them again. It is their mistake and they shouldn't have to pay for it for their entire life. That's why pencils have erasers.

* God has the only right to judge, for you may not have all the information and what happened to them is not what happened to you. Who are you to judge?

* There are no stupid questions.

* Innocence is a gift that others should not destroy with their jadedness.

* The best kind of control in the world is self control.

* Some people have a right to their opinions, they earned them through experience and sometimes the gentle guidance of others.

* People cast their suspicions on others to prevent suspicion of themselves.

* Appreciate the good and learn a lesson from your mistakes.

* To untruthfully destroy another's reputation is to have the character of a snake.

* To be compassionate to others is to think of your fellow man, and if what comes around goes around, you just might need a helping hand someday.




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