Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fwd: Jeremy Spoke in Class Today


Firstly I would like to paste the lyrics of this song whose video I am JUST now checking out: Jeremy by Pearl Jam.

Jeremy : Pearl Jam

          Time: 5:19
          Vedder, Ament

At home drawing pictures of mountain tops with him on top.
Lemon yellow sun. Arms raised in a V.
And the dead lay in pools of maroon below.

Daddy didn't give attention, oh, to the fact that mommy didn't care.
King Jeremy the wicked, oh, ruled his world.
Jeremy spoke in class today. (x2)

Clearly how I remember picking on the boy.
Seemed a harmless little fuck. Ooh, but we unleashed a lion.
Gnashed his teeth and bit the recess lady's breast.
How could I forget. And he hit me with a surprise left.
My jaw left hurting. Ooh, dropped wide open.
Just like the day, Oh, like the day I heard.

Daddy didn't give affection, no, and the boy was something mommy wouldn't wear.
King Jeremy the wicked, oh, ruled his world.
Jeremy spoke in class today. (x3)

Who? (x14)

I have tears in my eyes following the video. The degradation of a kid and reasons for the same are a heart-wrenching story that can only be felt and not told.

 Jeremy is based on the true story about a kid who shot himself in front of his class. The kids were always making fun of him, and his parents neglected him so, he decided to mess them up for life. He succeeded!!!

 What does life mean for a neglected, scorned, punished, maybe abused kid who is just beginning to live his life? He's lost interest even before he begins. Further he's antagonized and that it! A monster with no fear of NAYTHING is created. This is so much true in USA where the parents just let the kid be and don't even play a part in his growing up. How can a parent who produces a kid... BY THEIR OWN DEED... not play a part in nurturing him? Its a grave criminal act or the biggest sin there is!

 I can put myself into his place and picture this scenario:

Single kid. Parents NOT INTERESTED, alone at home all the time, no one to console his fears and teach him about his body and mind. No one to guide him on what's wrong and what's right... punishing him for the smallest of mistakes by welts on his back and being told WHAT TO DO and not WHY ever. Sees loose morals at home and resents his living sooner than later! Starts school and hates it... thinks his exterior projects this turmoil... doesn't want to mix with other kids and is made fun of the butt of all jokes there are!

 What does he do? He's got no mentor, no friend, even no parents so to speak!

 He's got the NET though!! TV and Music too! Violence enters his bloodstream. They say the idle mind is the devils work shop. That's absolutely true. Now to pick some adjectives from Jeremy:

 He'll start by killing small animals in his neighborhood for no reason other than it creates a small interest in him. The next-door-grandmas cats and dogs disappear! All this time there is a good chance that he is sexually abused by some family member… an uncle, aunty, neighbor or anybody for that matter. This small kid with repressed feelings in him … this kid who cannot understand himself is made to go through this torture of being "invaded"… by someone he thought he could trust. And he's shattered mentally, physically, emotionally……..

 Then he goes to school …. I recreate this from Jeremy:

In an affluent Suburbs

His classmates who made fun of him

His teacher who didn't stop them

His school who didn't support him

His parents who didn't know how to "parent" him

Jeremy spoke in class today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Made fun of



The fire

Oath and anthem

American flag wrapped


Unclean spirit enters




Affluent neighborhood

All dead


Real story

Jeremy spoke in class today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I cant speak anymore!!!!!

 Note: I really don't know what led me to write this. It was a lot of stuff though. I read an articles about pedophiles and the church's involvement, I saw the Jeremy video… also I didn't research after I start to write so it was just pulp fiction writing from my heart……..



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