Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Below is an excerpts of some message boards i wrte in o objectivism

my story of three words in persian.


Translation.. i made an idol (carved)
then i bowed before it (parastish)
and then i broke it(shikust)

this is life, and all about life,we make idols,philosophies. theories, bow before them and as it is said "familiarity breeds contempt" when we come to know that our idols have deficiencies, we abandone them.

u said - man creates idols.... the idols that are not created by man are the ones which are worshipped the most!
who is the man? god?
Ideals and Values are the inherent points in ones lives... only we ourselves compromise them... and we are justified if we believe its alright... again objectivism.... a whore who does her business in order to earn money and fend for her kids and who is totally at ease with herself is much better than a society woman who sleeps around with a hundred people to do favors and is all the tme worried about image so puts up a sham!


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