Thursday, September 28, 2006


28th September 2006

the sad part is ... how much can the government do or enforce? everytime any officer who is a straightforward guy comes up to do the cleaning act. like khairnar.. the maatas and pitas in the country openly chide the government for being so "heartless" remember sonias comment to vilasbhai (deshmukh)? he was made to feel like a primary schoolteacher!

as long as the vote bank exists,., this will happen.... isnt it also unfair that in a hotel, the entire floor is demolished ... at the same time crashing the facade, the reputation,... because they can afford it... and had overlooked the permissions!

at the same time... if u have been living in a shanty for 4 years on a land thats not yours, on electricity tht u have stolon, on water that u broke the pipe to collect.... on rights that u have no right on..... u will be relocated to a "mhada" colony of u can prove ur wants.... also then u can resell that flat and build another jhopda and cary on the cycle.....

Its not the merit ... but the want that matters.... remids me of the scenarios from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged which is still relevant today... we are moving in a similar dirction... it should be people who should revlt.... is india waiting for a John Galt? Hes not going to magically appear and solve all our problems... we have to do it on our own.... live... fight.... win.... survive all ny ourselves.......

anyone here wants to be a politician? I think only when we have ppl among us willing to be brave and enter politics will this nation improve... if we leave it to the half baked and corrupt and illiterate schmucks who run our country now... we will be doomed... we take 5 steps forward and 4 steps back!

there is no planning ... the re is no action.... in most cases first there is action... then planning... then reaction... then rejection./... look at waht is happening with our roads, drainage, etc.... all peole want is ACCOUNTABILITY!

This is just my 4 annas ....



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