Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

below mail was written to me by Suraj Rao, a friend and we were discussing on the capitalistic vices. I think it was dated to 2000 or 2001

Conspiracy Theory.

Hope that you will find my observations interesting. These are the result of an inital thought and some discussions that I have had with my friends and colleagues.

Currently the world is experiencing a string of isolated skrimishes in various pockets of the globe. On viewing it from a diffrent perspective all these segregated minute wars reveal a distict pattern - the proxy wars waged by US.

Today we observe the Kosovo conflict, the Kargil firings and the open aggression in the Yellow Sea between the Koreas. All these tussles include at least one factor that have USA's direct interest involved. In Kosovo we have NATO as the American   representative, Pakistan is is just another American lackey and a democratic S. Korea will be defended by U.S. We already have reports of U.S. sending their armed submarines into Yellow Sea waters to negotiate / maintain peace in the region. The two subs despatched will be joined by vessels with nuclear capability. The reason for this presence is definitely suspect

The progress of these three conflicts has been from the West to the East all in chronological order. There is a definite attempt by the US to increase it's presence (read as interference) in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Their intentions or malintentions could be one a many :

One of the most obvious reason is the end of the cold war which brought the arms race to a standstill. This would mean the closure of many manufacturers...hence they need to wage pocket wars for their daily bread

The other reason is the  "capitalism of war".Who do you think would reap the benefits of subsequent peace in these regions ???
Who would get the business contracts to rejuvenate these regions ??

The Gulf war is testimony to the money that U.S. made for the construction projects.

But what could be the tacit motive for these distubances. ....The answer is China. The Chinese with their totalitarian regime and agressive human rights stance have put the US in a Catch 22 situation

China is a huge consumer market for American products but concomittanly the US is obliged to take a moral and strategic stand against the chinks. They do this by accidentally bombing the Chinese embassy !!, with US sixth generation satellite systems the inadvertent bombing the the embassy reeks of some surreptitious manoeveur
The Indo-Pak conflict gives the US a reason to deploy troops in this part to maintain scrutiny over China. The stand in Koreas does not merit any further  comment. The fall out will be that India if she plays her card properly will find an ally in China against the capitalist U.S.

The way I see it, it is a choice between the devil and the deep sea.


Invite your comments and suggestions


Suraj (Mintoo)


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