Saturday, September 19, 2009

garib Rath

Yesterday I travelled on the Garib Rath for the first time. I was amazed that at a cost of Rs 300 I was getting to sit in a comfortable and spacious seat with air conditioning, clean interiors, sliding doors, clean loos and in fact very very comfortable environs.
I was thoroughly impressed and do wish that the railways rationalises the cost and if required bump it by about 50-100 and increase such trains. It should not be done at a loss but for short 6-7 hour jouirneys this is the best way to go... even compared to a flight

All the best Indian Railways. You are the best! Crabtree switches, SS work, clean and comfort seating, non skid fllooring in linilium. I am sure that given the proper push these guys will give the airlines a run for their money. And the surprising thing is there are no pilots who will go on strike and hold passengers to ransom1


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