Tuesday, October 03, 2006

And people say MS is not emotional.

As the crowds bulged from the circuit gates and we began packing equipment into the back of the race trucks, Michael changed out of his overalls. He waved us farewell and set off on a bicycle, his victor's trophy strapped to the back, to meet his parents who were staying in one of the local hotels. As he pedalled off, weaving up the steep hill leading out from the La Source hairpin, the road was still bustling with people making their way home. Michael gradually disappeared out of sight, ringing his bell, gently turning left and right, avoiding the small groups that were slowly plodding up the road. What a marvellous sight. Here was Michael Schumacher, the winner of the Spa Grand Prix, cycling among the dispersing crowds, off to show his mother and father his new trophy. The people, most with their backs towards him, had no idea who this bloke on the bicycle was, or why he was making off with what they must have assumed to be a cheap replica of the winner's trophy.

(words from Pramoth)


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