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Similarities between Rang De Basanti and Ayn Rands Philosophies..

11th October 2006


This is again an extract from a long line of threads where in we were discussing the relevance of ayn rands philosophies to todays scenarios… and RDB came up…had give a diverse range of views that can be seen at



However emotionless one mayclaim to be... the actions  and events that affect the near and dear ones will definitely affect them.. these may not be just blood relations, but then any relation... even platonic or business ones...

man is after all a social animal (well... to be political correct even women [:)]


so what if they reacted after their close friend... and pal Ajay was affected... they def will.... try picturing any of the people you are very close to having the fate of ajay (pray to god doesnot happen) and look at rage.. rage has to have anoutlet... either u sit and pine and whine and talk rhetoric... or u take action... even it is silly at a later date... "humko lagta tha hummein kisi cheez ke liye ladne ka... kisi cheez ke liye marne ka junoon hi nahin tha" were their words... they couldnt have been wronger...


the parallels in the movie are very artistic... the "assasination" of Lalaji is similar to that in the india gate incident... that further egrages them on... in any crime or event, one thing leads to another and a range of events are put into rolling that may not be controlled.. karma!


All in all... it was a good movie... artistically as well as the message... it has inspired a lot of events in contempory space - jessica lal and the mandal 2 fight... it inspired them


anthara... an uprising has no guarentee ... it can go either way.. thats also the case with any event... always begins with a probability of 0.5 either yes or no!


that doesnt mean that action should not be taken...  u cannot be sure of eradicating all the evil ever... nothing is 100%... anything can happen at any time...


comming back to Ayn Rand.. there is NO parallel between the two.... AS is driven by the MIND and RDB is driven by the heart ...they are poles apart. The people do not even contemplate that they will be heros at a later date... in fact they are scared of death... they are not cut out to be martyrs but are made one...


even the scene where sukhi runs out and faces the bullets.. is not bravery... it is just shock at what they are oing to them and sooting them down like pigeons!


All in all... it was a heart wrenching movie.... Trust me, if this happens today, this is what will happen... the media will play them on to be terrorists and the govt will keep an enquiry report that will finally be used in the hearth of some fuckin babu in some goddam place.... as is correctly said.... yeh system hi kharaab hain....


Please lets run the country and take over from the second handers... are you sre that the energy and zeal and idealism that all of us now  show... will remain when we grow older and older ? or will it translate into real actions and motives from our side? I pray so....


I want to be part of the atlantis that does not flee.... I want to be a part of atlantis that does not surrender but fights back and WINS.... the second handers will get defeated because the number of us atlantians will be that huge...


is this a dream???? well... 30 years back no one could even imaging that a computer can be any smaller than a room or weigh less than 10 tons... today we can be keeping it our palms..... the boundaries of human thought are boundless........ soar .... soar my fellow atlantians...


I stongly believe in this adage:

"When I took the leap, I had faith I would find a net....

Instead I learnt to fly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"




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