Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Socialistic State

10th October 2006


A simple act of revenge also has far reaching implications. The mahabharatha war was also an act of revenge,... it becomes a fight of good versus evil, the world wars also more so,... there are bound to be opinions and actions and there are bound to be the opposite views... the debates do not solve the problems. the scale is too far tilted on the other side - the more powerful sides. The underdogs rarely win.... they only do so in movies... thats why we have the disparity between reel and real life.

Solutions to simple problems are normally complex. Thats the paradox.

Today I too cannot remember a simgle politician brought to task for any of their crimes and sins. Does nto mean that the youth should take up arms and go shooting around... it just means that the youth should be more assertive in raising their voices when injustice is meted to them. Like the mandal part 2... it is the very essense of the second hander.... "let another person sleep hungry... i dont fuckin care.... i dont have anything and i need it" thats the attitude conveyed. They do not want to be discriminated against, but then they want super-men status. crap! By what divine right can u cnsider that a scheduled cast boy who lives in a 5 bedroom house which is paid for by the bribes his father is collecting as a government office is more "needy" than the poor brahmin boy whose father is a clerk in some place and toils his ass out to just make ends meet... he canot dream of education for his kids cuzx there are "more deserving" candidates than him! CRAP!

This parallel to the socialism is strong even today. We are a semi-capatilistic, semi-socialistic society... in a socialist state, the only benificiaries are the bloody politicians!

just a ranting session after a hard day of work ... in MY OFFICE... in MY FACTORY... using MY Computer and MY BRAIN!


" I swear by my life and my love for it that I will not live for the sake of another man nor ask another man to live for mine"

I believe it................ at the same time.. if in living my life it is symbiotic to another person.... so be it... nothing like it!




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