Saturday, October 28, 2006

School memories

Thought of posting some pictures of the school I went to ... "St Dominic Savi High School" at Andheri... These were clicked a long time ago. (3 yrs i think.) should go back there to the alma mater to relieve the memories sometime! Its almost 11.5 years since we moved out of there but the fun we had there is still as fresh in my mind as fresh paint! we long for those days back.

The entrance to school

Beautiful football ground

Mrs Celene, Mrs Irene, Mr Gabriel, Mrs John and Mr Jesudas
Some of the fine teachers who are responsible in a way for what I am today. This picture was clicked during a visit to school in 2003. Sir Gabriel is no more. God bless his soul

Some of us during a reunion meet 2006 summer. It was a nice walk along memory lanes! meetimg my benchmate after like 11 years! wow... time flies... "time Airlines" how much we change physically but then inside we are still the same when we meet our peers from another dimension and time!
Jimmy, me, Jignesh, Gaurav, Glody, Manual and Bhaskar mama. nice time!

Good old days Manual and me shared a bench for almost 3 years... today we barely fit in together :-) heres to meeting the big man and wishing him luck! for the record we meet after almost 11 years!


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